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Game of Thrones officially ended.  Lots of controversy surrounded it.  All hail *****. We talk about our feelings on the finale and series.  we also breakdown the recent Game of Thrones documentary The Last Watch which showed season 8 behind the scenes.  Several media, TV & Film companies are threatening to pull their business out of Georgia due to the recent abortion law passed in the state.  We also breakdown some recent trailers, and review several movies and TV shows.

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Whew boy Game of Thrones is nearing it's conclusion.  Can the epic fantasy masterpiece stick the landing, or will it leave a bitter sweet taste in fans mouths?  The Pundits have a few opinions, and some spoilers too.  Endgame continues to make all your moneys.  We touch on this and much more during this weeks episode.

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Lots of Pop Culture events to discuss this week.  Avengers Endgame premiered marking the end to the MCU's first 22 film "Infinity Saga".  Game of Thrones started it's 8th and final season.  Lots of bodies fell at Winterfell, and it was a great month for Stark's saving the world!  

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