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EP69: DJ Juggy Returns

DJ Juggy returns to discuss Hip Hop, Wu Tang Clan, Professional Wrestling, and the Salt Lake City Twilight Concert much much more.

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EP68: No More Origin Stories

TMNT was #1 and GOTG was #2.  Only 1 PP saw BMITT.  Didn't get that last part?  Oh well.  Ferguson is still crazy.  Johnny Depp's working with Kevin Smith.  Who would have guessed that?  And Marvel is saying no to Origin Stories!

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RIP Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall.  The Pundits ponder Williams impact on film, comedy, and his greatest roles.  As always we run down the box office, discuss TMNT and it's tragic miss steps as well as touch on the situation in Ferguson MO.

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Guardian's of the Galaxy shattered all previous box office records for the month of August thus cementing Marvel's status as THE brand when it comes to comic book movies, and cementing the status of it's director and cast as a bunch of talented people.  The Pundits weigh in on all the things they loved, liked, and sort didn't get about it...but mostly they loved it.  We also touch on a few things related to music, and we discuss the Marvel affect on the rest of Hollywood which is turning out to be a bad thing...specifically as it related to Warner Bros. and Sony's crop of "super hero" movies.  Tune in this week to the Pop Pundits!

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Lucy took down Hercules and the Rock!  Does this mean a solo Black Widow movie is around the corner?  It should!  SLCC gets a cease and desist.  What does that mean?  Lots of Marvel news coming out of Comic Con.  Some DC News. Some Movie News.  We wrap up what we thought mattered plus run down the new trailers.  

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