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X Men Days of Future Past is your #1 movie, and both the Pundits saw it and have opinions.  Various movie news is discussed including the new Daredevil for Netflix....and the Pundits weigh in on the Solange and Jay-Z scuffle. 

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 is your #1 movie this weekend, but one of the Pundits didn't think it was so amazing.  The new TV shows Gotham and Star Wars Rebels debuted trailers, both look promising.  The Pundits have a back and forth discussion regarding Lyft and whether it's fair or not to cab companies...but should it even matter?

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Captain America failed to dominate the box office all month, it lost out to The Other Woman.  Donald Sterling's in a boat load of trouble with the NBA, and he's pretty stupid too.  Mark loves Fargo, but he's not stoked on ABC possibly rebooting Lost.  The Pundits weigh in on all this plus so much more on this weeks Pop Pundits.

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