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Mark has a chat with the creator of the Salt Lake Comic Con and Fan X conventions in SLC.  They chat about the convention business, the viability of a comic con in SLC, wikipedia among other things.  Check it out!

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Captain America takes the #1 spot again, can he rule all of April?  Did you hear about the kid that flew from CA to HI in the wheel well of  an airplane?  Crazy!  We discuss this plus give our thoughts on the recent Fan X convention here in Salt Lake City

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Captain America The Winter Soldier is your #1 movie for two weeks in a row.  The Pundits weigh in on it's place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe....was it good, better than the 1st WHAT?  Coachella is going on, and there were quite a few noteworthy performances including an Outkast reunion and NAS celebrating Illmatic's 20 year anniversary.  One of the Pundits had a interesting experience horse back riding, while the other can't seem to stop hating James Cameron.  We touch on all this plus a lot more on this weeks Pop Pundits.

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Noah's the #1 movie, MC Serch gives another Podcast a pretty great interview with some amazing Hip Hop stories.  This leads Cody & Mark to debate the state of the white rapper, which may or may not get edited out.  There's lots of other pop culture happenings going on in Movies, TV, and Music so check it out!!  And the TMNT trailer gets the Gas Face....

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