The Pop Pundits discuss Pop Culture related happenings in the area of movies, TV, music, comic books and so on and we do it on a weekly basis. We waste our time with this nonsense so you don't have to.

Divergent is the #1 movie at the box office and Mark doesn't think it holds up.  There's still a missing Malaysian plane out there and the Pundits weigh in on it again.  Ever heard of an Ikea Kitchen Architect?  They exist.  Which one of the Pundits strikes you as an open bar fly?  Take a guess.  We touch on all this and a whole lot more on this weeks Pop Pundits.

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Mr Peabody & Sherman is your #1 movie. Need for Speed opens a little weak.  The pundits chop it up about Kid Cudi's comments on Hip Hop, the missing Malaysian flight that hasn't been found, the Lost reunion, and Cody & Mark totally disagree about Czar Face.  Plus we touch on a whole lot more.

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The Pundits chat with author of the Grisha Trilogy Leigh Bardugo.  We touch on various topics including Hollywood's love hate relationship with adapting YA.  The challenges with adequately adapting a novel to film.  Female heroes, and the overall impact, or implications they may have on society.  It's a good chat so enjoy!!

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300 Rise of an Empire took your #1 spot at the box office.  Cody saw Peabody & Mr. Sherman and wasn't to stoked on it.  The Pundits weigh in on the finale of True Detective and also breakdown the crazy theories surrounding the entire series, most of which were pretty far fetched and rally unfounded.  The also dive into the topic of TV shows that engage fans on a deeper level in regards to the overall mystery at play.  Frank Ocean told Chipotle to Fu** Off!  The missing Malaysian flight is spooky, but Mark seems to think it might be some huge PR gag to promote a new Lost box set.  The Pundits touch on all this plus much much more on this weeks show! 

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The Pundits spend a good chunk of time breaking down their thoughts on HBO's True Detective.  We discuss our thoughts on the Oscar Winners and Losers.  Liam Neeson's tops at the Box Office again, while The Lego Movie continues to make cash.  There's a 18 yr cheerleader suing her parents because she doesn't want to live by their rules.  We touch on all this and a lot more on this weeks Pop Pundits.

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