The Pop Pundits discuss Pop Culture related happenings in the area of movies, TV, music, comic books and so on and we do it on a weekly basis. We waste our time with this nonsense so you don't have to.

The Emmy's were this past weekend so the Pundits run through the Winners (Breaking Bad!) and the Losers (Bryan Cranston…boooo).  Prisoner was your #1 movie at the box office, so apparently Hugh Jackman can play someone other than Wolverine.  We also delve into Kanye's recent twitter tirade directed at Jimmy Kimmel.  We throw out our Breaking Bad series finale predictions (uh hum, Mark's going to be wrong).  We discuss the utter failure that is the Dexter finale, and Apple's iOS update.  We also find time to bring up the testicle eating Pacu fish.  This and so much more on this week's Pop Pundits!

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The Pundits sit down with Atheist to discuss growing up LDS in Monterey CA, attending Wrestling school, graduating college with a Masters in Cinema Studies, MC Battling, and how he got started recording Hip Hop music.  He also answers Cody's burning question of…why pick the name Atheist.  He's an interesting guy so it's an interesting interview…check it out.  Also check out his song "Freestyle Fresh" at the end of the interview.   We waste our time with this sh** so you don't have to!

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Insidious 2 was the #1 movie at the box office.  Breaking Bad has what the Pundits feel might be the best Breaking Bad episode ever, and one of the best episodes of TV ever.  Miley Cyrus unfollowed Liam Hemsworth on Twitter.  Mark just now found out what the 27 club is and is afraid Lady Gaga might be joining soon.  New York Fashion Week was chalk full of that WHITE.  Jimmy Kimmel pulls a huge prank on the Internet and America at large with a twerking video on youtube.  Justin Bieber tried to pull a prank on the Internet but just makes himself look more desperate.  Herpes infected Monkey's are running rampant in Florida while tossing around their feces.  All this and much more on this weeks Pop Pundits!

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The Pundits recap PAX and Salt Lake Comic Con, both get positive reviews.  The box office was pretty under whelming with Riddick taking the #1 spot while The Butler, and We're the Miller's are still sticking around.  Kanye West and Jay-Z announce solo tours with Yeezus stopping by Utah on November 1st.  The Pundits discuss all that plus Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" meme's, the AI epidemic that's slowly taking over humanity, the latest in movie and TV news, and George Zimmerman's good life decisions. 

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Diddy wasn't at Salt Lake Comic Con, but the Pundits were.   One Direction's documentary takes the #1 spot at the box office.  We're the millers keeps hanging around just like Lee Daniel's The Butler.  The Pundits break down the latest Hollywood casting both announced and rumored including Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor,  James Spader as Ultron.  50 Shades of Grey is the next movie to get petitioned.  In Music we have a new Eminem single and Katy Perry tops the charts…all this plus a Dick Tracy watch is coming out!

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The Pundits sit down with Mic Master's head honcho Syncronice to discuss his journey through Hip Hop, starting the MC Battle League Mic Masters, his time in the Air Force, and his long term goals for Mic Masters. 

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