The Pop Pundits discuss Pop Culture related happenings in the area of movies, TV, music, comic books and so on and we do it on a weekly basis. We waste our time with this nonsense so you don't have to.

2 Guns tops the box office.  Pacific Rim has Warner Bros largest opening in China Ever.  Cody saw The Lone Ranger and The Canyons, and felt The Canyons might be the better film.  Cody and Mark have a disagreement over the Muppets.  They also discuss Rolling Stone's top 50 live performers, Andre 3000's rumored new album, the years top grossing movies, Jack White's issue with the Black Keys, Jeff Bezo's buying The Washington Post, Utah Beauty Queens throwing bombs, and a dad who banged his sons wife.  All this and much more on this weeks Pop Pundits

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