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Oscars, Sundance, Trump...there's lots to dig in to this week!

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We talk The Golden Globes, Oscar Nominations and the trouble with the Academy's lack of diversity.  Sean Penn interviewed El Chap which may or may not have lead to his capture.  We touch on all this plus much more.

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2015 Wrap Up where The Pundits breakdown their favorite movies, T.V. shows, Albums, Comic Books, and Podcasts.  

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The Pundits spend a lot of time dissecting and debating The Force Awakens.  Who's Rey's parents?  Is Kylo Ren the next Vader?  Why is Luke acting like a pussy?  All questions will be explored, but maybe very little answers.

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Charlie Sheen has HIV.  The last Hunger Games is hitting theaters.  Jessica Jones & Man In The High Castle are released.  There's lots to get at on this weeks show.

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EP118: Ben Carson Has Seen The New Star Wars

Ben Carson has seen Star Wars The Force Awakens!  There's a lot of madness going on this week that keep the Pundits busy discussing.  There's Spectre taking the #1 spot at the box office and the Peanuts movie coming in with a respectable #2.  Ben Carson actually wrote and directed both of them.  Donald Trump was on SNL & Ben Carson vacationed on Mars.  Look, politics have always been a shit show but never has it been such a complete laughable mess that's chalk full of comedy gold.  Did we tell you that Ben Carson has seen Star Wars The Force Awakens & he has a trampoline that he uses to get to the moon?  The Pundits are still loving Fargo, The Leftovers, and Manhattan so TV is pretty good right now.  Aside from that you'll have to tune in to peep game.

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EP117:What Movies Scared You?
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